A quickie on Isty: Street food and other sellables

One of the most memorable aspects of Istanbul is the food, and especially the food sold on the street:

The globally-ubiqutous doner--here with carrots and other veggies layered inside

Simit--sesame-encrusted circles of goodness (when they are fresh...) Sold EVERYWHERE

Simit seller on foot

Gozleme--two thin pieces of dough filled with cheese, spinach, or potato, or a mixture of all three

Roasted chestnuts--not just for Christmas! (especially here)

Beautiful pomegranates (nar), which are juiced fresh on the street (a small cup is 2 lira). You can also get apple, carrot, or orange juice.

Fresh fruit and vegetable stands with attractively-displayed produce


And, of course, kebap! I'm especially interested in the "intimate meatball" on the bottom...let's hope they meant "ultimate"

But the food is not the only interesting thing you’ll see for sale on the streets. In Istanbul, people sell absolutely EVERYTHING. There’s a man on the Galata bridge with a scale who will sell you your weight, and one friend saw someone with a blood-pressure reader on the street selling readings. You can also buy your fortune from men with wooden boxes with live rabbits sitting motionless on top–inside the boxes are slips of paper with fortunes. I’m not sure the correlation with the rabbits, other than to draw your attention.

In addition to these more ephemeral consumables, there are also many, many other fascinating things to buy! Below are just a few…

Leeches, for hemorrhoids, paralysis, eye disease, acne, etc.

They are SERIOUS about smoking prevention..to no avail. It's definitely a smoker's city.

These fancy outfits are worn by boys for their circumcision ceremonies...

...and this is what they wear under the fancy outfits. Poor little guy. Just look at that smile...obviously pre-snip.

I have a few more Istanbul posts (although I’m no longer there) and then it will be on to my current location in Greece!

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