Flash-forward: Studio post

I’m inserting some words and images from the present to give you a quick glimpse of Istanbul and my work at the moment. And then it will be back to the adventures!

Today, finally! we have sun! But lately Istanbul has been very cold, rainy and gray. Not so nice for sightseeing, but good for making art (and moody black and white photos).

The city is, of course, incredibly inspiring and every walk outside brings 5 new ideas. So I’m in the middle of a number of things, as usual, but here’s a peek into my studio.(All works are in progress):







The next two are a continuation of the “unfolded buildings” I began in Philadelphia:

"Fountain"--these are enclosed bldgs outside mosques that have spigots in the walls for washing.

"Not a Mosque" (dirt inside would be offensive) but I like the idea of a carpet of grass

As Istanbul got colder and grayer, so did my work:

"Counting Ships" inspired by a walk along the harbor, wondering what amazing things lie at the bottom of the Bosphorous. Am also reading Pamuk's "Istanbul" and the idea of counting ships stuck in my mind.



"Doors"--continuing the idea of things hidden underneath--detail below













As yet unfinished and untitled

And, of course, paper sculpture! I may end up floating this in the Bosphorous/Golden Horn somehow.





So I’ve been staying busy! It’s difficult with the city outside, calling to me, so maybe the rain is a blessing some days. Otherwise I get out and about everyday to explore, soak up, meet people, and test my willpower against the million-and-one things I see that would be *great* to buy!!

More on the residency and the wonderful people here later!






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