Day 3: In which the artist is added to a wall of the Stedelijk Museum…

Today was sunny and pleasant, just right for exploring. I also managed to get up well before noon this time! So, with the whole day ahead of me, I decided to make it a museum day and headed over to the Rijksmuseum, which is Amsterdam’s largest art and history museum, or was, until the current reconstruction project left just one wing open. Most people might be disappointed to see a famous structure obscured by scaffolding, but not yours truly! I LOVE construction sites! I see more interesting sculpture there than in most galleries.

An excellent example of construlpture! An exhibition idea is brewing....

I once mistook a pile of blinking lights and traffic cones outside the National Gallery for a piece, and what a magical piece it seemed, too. But if I thought it was Art at the moment, and am still struck by the memory, then Art it is!

The abridged version of the Rijksmuseum now focuses on its masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, etc., which are always impressive. However, I was more interested in the huge open dollhouses that wealthy women had constructed to reproduce their houses, down to the silverware.

Next came the Van Gogh museum, which is a beautiful structure, very well laid-out with lots of air, light and space. It does a wonderful job of showing Van Gogh’s development as an artist and the various influences on the evolution of his style.

After a refreshing cappuccino and stroopwafel (caramel waffle cookie) in the Museum park, I moved onto the Stedelijk Museum, which is Ams.’s contemporary art museum. This, too, is under renovation, but much has been reopened with exhibitions investigating the old and new spaces.

I managed to photo some of the work I liked–others for which I don’t have images are Hans Haacke’s “Condensation Cube” and Louise Lawler’s “Birdcalls” (in which she chirps/crows/screeches the names of 28 of the artworld’s heavyweight male artists.)

Hypnotic sand painting on pages of Spinoza's Ethics, by Job Koelewijn

"Measuring the Universe" by Roman Ondák; Every visitor is measured and their name and the date recorded

SUCCESS! “Stephany” is now officially in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum!

Barbara Kruger, who manages to scream without making a sound

Diana Thater's "White is the Color": rooms lit with different shades of blue light

I then wandered back towards city center along the canals, where I ran into the Houseboat Museum! Who could resist that?! Evidently they are as expensive as houses, but much more work. There are no open ports left for new houseboats, but you can buy an existing houseboat that comes with its own port.

Houseboat Museum

Houseboat interior

View on deck

I continued along the canals to the beginning of one of the contemporary art gallery districts (the Jordaan) and found Galerie BMB, which was showing a German artist, Muyan Lindena. Cross-sectioned objects, like taxidermy, seem to be all the rage these days in the artworld. Still, they are always interesting to see, especially if you are interested in the internal structure of things. Thus concludes Day 3, primarily because I’m having difficulty formatting the blog layout as the control-freak in me requires. But it was a lovely day!

"Tideliner" by Muyan Lindena

Clog cross-section by Muyan Lindena

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