Amsterdam Day 2: Not for the squeamish

Despite grey clouds and a few showers, I had a wonderful first day in Amsterdam! Rode the tram to the city center, disembarked and wandered around in a happy daze, taking pictures of everything. Inspiration, and pot, is in the air! The beauty of rain is that it will drive you into small stores, where you can find amazing treasures. For example: check out these cool typewriters:

Winged style

Carousel style

While hiding from the rain in a doorway, I also discovered a rat carcass in a very interesting stage of decay:


Of course I also saw more conventionally beautiful/interesting Amsterdam sights, including the Bloemenmarket, houseboats and drawbridges which lifted to allow huge, fast-moving boats through very narrow canals:

Bicycle parking garage at Central Station


Bloemenmarket stand

A display at the Klompenhuisje


And then there are all the wonderful architectural details of the city:


Recessed stairway

And, of course, the Dutch love of humor and design. My best find of the day was the design shop, “Droog”, which is full of fascinating objects and ideas… (also in NYC, but best in AMS!)

Dandelion light, with actual Dandelion seeds attached to a tiny LED

Photo of "Fountain" from a Droog book

Chest of drawers

Poor photo of a shelving unit comprised of pieces of wood which you push your objects into to be held (notice the wood extending out of the back)

By that time, the shops were closing (at 6pm!) and I was HUNGRY (see below), and that means TROUBLE, so I took the tram back to Mettine’s apt. for a delicious home-cooked meal. I am one lucky traveler!


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